Civil Liberty Advocates

Civil Liberty Advocates Committee

The Chaldean Chamber Civil Liberty Advocates Committee was created in an effort to quell the growing practices of prejudice and discrimination. The CLAC is tasked with intaking, addressing, investigating and resolving formal complaints concerning discriminatory acts submitted by members of the community.

The mission of the CLAC is to serve as frontline advocates and the voice for those that have been oppressed through unjust practices.

If you or someone you know has faced discrimination or have a workplace grievance and would like for the Chamber to consider your complaint, please click here to download our Intake Questionnaire form.  No phone calls please.

CLAC 5-Step Complaint Process

  • Intake: A questionnaire form is completed and submitted via email, postal mail or fax to the Chamber by a member of the community.
  • Investigation: Initial inquiry begins, phone calls are made, letters are mailed and in-person interviews are conducted.
  • Conclusion: Committee makes a determination and notifies complainant whether or not it will move forward with a formal complaint.
  • Response: Committee alerts defendant of intended course of action or sends letter absolving them of accusation.
  • Complaint: Attorney is retained, formal complaint is pursued following proper legal channels.

Download Intake Form 

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